Blog Posts in February, 2014

  • 13-Feb-2014

    Protecting Life Insurance from Estate Taxes

    Life insurance is frequently a large portion of an individual’s estate. Most people are aware that life insurance proceeds are not subject to income tax. However, life insurance proceeds can be subject to federal estate taxes. The general rule ...
  • 8-Feb-2014

    Closed for Business: How to Correctly Dissolve Your Company

    Businesses close for many reasons, but simply shutting the doors does not result in the end of your corporation or LLC. If your business is no longer operating, it is critical that you take the necessary steps to officially dissolve your company ...
  • 8-Feb-2014

    Qualified Personal Residence Trust

    A Qualified Personal Residence Trust (“QPRT” or “House GRIT”) is an estate planning vehicle which can reduce estate taxes by removing the family home out of an individual’s taxable estate. It is accomplished by the ...
  • 6-Feb-2014

    Independent Administration of Estates

    The Louisiana Legislature passed a statute which became effective on August 15, 2001 dealing with the “Independent Administration” of Louisiana successions. The statute allows the executor or administrator of an estate to handle all of ...

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