Blog Posts in September, 2014

  • 11-Sep-2014

    Stretch IRAs

    IRAs have become one of the largest single assets owned by many individuals. Roll-overs from pensions and 401(k) plans have combined with a booming stock market to leave many people with large accumulations in these retirement accounts. Proper ...
  • 8-Sep-2014

    Hobby Income & Losses for Musicians

    In New Orleans, we are blessed with a rich concentration of artists, many of whom have attained worldwide recognition. Many of the artists who form the backbone of our entertainment and tourism culture are part-time artists with other jobs and ...
  • 8-Sep-2014

    Changes to the Louisiana Worker's Compensation Law

    Several changes were made to the Louisiana Worker’s Compensation Law in the most recent legislative session. The judicially created doctrine that the law is to be interpreted in favor of the employee has changed to a statement that the law is ...
  • 8-Sep-2014

    Who Needs a Will?

    Often, the main rational for estate planning is to assure that the client is able to pass his or her property to the heirs of his or her choosing. While minimizing estate income taxes and reducing probate costs are certainly components of this ...
  • 8-Sep-2014

    What to do Following a Car Accident

    Automobile accidents are scary, chaotic and stressful. Often following an accident you can feel disoriented and not sure about what to do next, so make sure that you are prepared in the event you are ever involved in a car accident. The first step ...

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