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  • 21-Nov-2017

    Tips on Protecting Your Retirement After a Divorce

    Divorce can do a lot of damage to your finances if you do not seek the proper legal assistance, especially when it comes to your retirement. While you might not be looking to that particular horizon at the moment, it is crucial to safeguard your ...
  • 30-May-2017

    Child Support Issues in New Orleans

    Retain a New Orleans Family Lawyer Now! Once child custody is determined as part of a divorce, the lower-earning parent or the parent who receives primary custody may request child support payments from the other spouse. Child support is the name for ...
  • 16-May-2017

    Dividing Marital Property in Louisiana

    Get Help from a New Orleans Divorce Attorney! When you and your spouse go through a divorce, you must decide how you would like to divide your property and debts. Louisiana law deems that all property acquired by either spouse during their marriage ...