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For almost 30 years, the attorneys at Chehardy Sherman Williams have been providing legal services for businesses across the Greater New Orleans area. As the leading law firm, we offer a wide range of solutions for companies of all shapes and sizes. Whether you're just starting out or if you've been in business in New Orleans for as long as we have, Chehardy Sherman Williams has the knowledge and experience you've been looking for.

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Since most businesses don't have the luxury of employing their own general counsel, they must rely upon outside assistance whenever complex legal issues arrive. At Chehardy Sherman Williams, our business and corporate law attorneys can become a seamless extension of your own company operations.

We can help you with:

Legal Advice for Your Business

Beyond the mere execution of complex business transactions, Chehardy Sherman Williams can also serve your business in an advisory role. Oftentimes, there are numerous legal options for any given situation, some of which are not immediately obvious. Once we gain a clear understanding of your needs, assets, and objectives, we can help steer you in a direction that most aligns with your interests. With Chehardy Sherman Williams in your corner, you can rest assured that every decision will be thoroughly vetted.

As a fellow New Orleans business, we understand how important it is to give back to the local community, which is why community involvement has always been a hallmark of Chehardy Sherman Williams. Our attorneys frequently partner with charitable groups, educational institutions, industry councils, economic leaders, and civic organizations to help give back to the region that means so much to us.

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