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Discussing Divorce With Your Child

Divorce is an emotional obstacle to overcome for you and your spouse, but it is especially difficult for children. At a young age, it can be hard for them to fully understand this sudden life change. In this blog, we share tips on how to discuss divorce with your children in a way that helps maintain a strong relationship during the process.

Avoid Pointing the Finger

There are ways to explain the terms of your divorce without shedding a bad light on your ex-spouse. As parents, the two of you need to pose a united front and show that although you’re ending the marriage, you still respect one another.

Keep the Discussion Open

Your child may need to be given time to process the news of the divorce, and you should grant him or her that time. Throughout the process, the topic will be revisited multiple times and it’s important that you let your children know you are always available to further the conversation when they are ready.

Don’t Overpromise

If you can’t promise that everything in your child’s life will remain the same, don’t promise it. Reassure your child that while there are a few big changes, you will get through them as a family. You don’t want to avoid discussing the inevitable – the most important thing to tell your child is that he or she is loved by both parents.

Build a New Routine

Your life, your ex-spouse’s life, and your child’s life are very transitional during the divorce process. Use this as an opportunity to establish a routine – once it’s established, it’s imperative that you are consistent in keeping up with the routine. During this time, it’s extremely common for children to test boundaries. You’ll want to be firm in standing your ground, and once the routine is well underway, it will become the “new normal.”

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