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Why Passion & Experience Matter in Injury Cases

Personal injury litigation requires a great deal of creativity and innovation. It sits at the intersection of deep preparation and incredible improvisation. Why? Because personal injury law is flexible, allowing it the ability to be applied effectively to a multitude of situations. It’s one of the most powerful areas of law because it puts justice within arm’s reach of anyone—but that’s why choosing the right lawyer is crucial.

Find Lawyers with Extensive Experience

Investigating injury cases are often a matter of asking the right questions, then relentlessly pursuing the answers. That’s why investigative skill is vital when looking for an attorney for your New Orleans premises liability or personal injury case. Investigative skill is built through years of handling injury claims first-hand. For instance, some injury cases involve DUI crashes—a devastating and complex type of car accident. Without experience in product liability, dram shop laws, or manufacturing defects, how can a regular person (or inexperienced attorney) know to ask how the at-fault driver’s bartender was at fault? Or whether the car’s seatbelt design or airbag manufacturing might have been at fault?

It’s not just true for car accidents—all injury litigation requires a lengthy amount of investigation. A case that one attorney may find impossible to win may be a success in another firm’s hands all because some lawyers know what questions to ask, and how to get the answers. These answers form the bedrock of a strong personal injury case, compelling defendants to either settle quickly and generously or risk losing even more in court.

Find Lawyers with Passion for Clients

Every firm will talk about having passion for clients, but it’s the law firms that get results that show their passion. Premises liability laws, medical malpractice laws, complex litigation—these are all areas of the law that call for relentlessness, for consistent effort over a long period of time. Malpractice cases, handled correctly, can take years to resolve.

Personal injury attorneys need passion, not just because it makes the work more personally rewarding—but because it’s what makes the work possible in the first place. Passion is what drives lawyers to seek the settlements and verdicts that change their clients’ lives, provide long-term financial stability, and avoid the “quick fixes” that many insurance companies and defendants want to pressure plaintiffs into. Passion keeps attorneys from caving to the demands of insurance companies, continuing to pursue the best possible solution for injured people and their families. That’s why it matters.

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Our law firm has spent the last 25 years securing verdicts and settlements for our clients worth hundreds of million of dollars—including a $10 million jury verdict. That’s not just meant to be impressive; it’s a sign of our utter dedication to our clients, to fighting for justice on every front. We have passion, we have experience, and we have a mission: give our clients a voice in court with every claim.

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