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Child Support Issues in New Orleans

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Once child custody is determined as part of a divorce, the lower-earning parent or the parent who receives primary custody may request child support payments from the other spouse. Child support is the name for payments made from one spouse to the other to assist with the financial burdens associated with raising a child. Depending on the nature of your divorce, the judge may or may not see it appropriate to award child support, and they will determine an amount and how it must be paid if they do see it appropriate.

In order to be awarded child support payments, you must be able to demonstrate your need for the financial assistance to the court. This may not be as simple or straightforward as it seems, as your spouse will likely object to this extra burden. At Chehardy Sherman Williams, our team can help you build your case and present it in the most effective possible manner, including substantial supporting evidence. We are proud of our reputations as one of the leading law firms in New Orleans, and our team of attorneys provide you with the highest levels of professional conduct and experienced representation all throughout your family law case. No matter how big or small your case may be, you will always be treated like the center of attention and receive top-quality counsel through every step of the process.

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Are You Eligible for Child Support?

Child support is not guaranteed in a divorce case. Instead, a judge must consider several factors to determine whether or not the spouse requesting the support needs the financial assistance.

Some factors that influence child support include:

  • The requesting spouse’s financial standing
  • The paying spouse’s ability to pay
  • The lifestyle during the marriage
  • The type of child custody you are awarded

The courts attempt to keep both parents involved in the lives of their children as much as possible, and likewise also try to split parenting responsibilities equally. When one spouse shoulders more of the financial burden of raising children, then odds are they will be awarded support if they seek it. However, shared custody, equal visitation, and similar financial standing may also reduce the likelihood of being ordered to pay support. To find out if you qualify for or may be required to pay child support as part of your divorce, speak with an attorney at our firm now!

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