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Why Everyone Benefits from an Estate Plan

To put it simple, an estate plan is a collection of documents and legal devices used to show how you want your money and assets distributed or moved after you pass on, along with who receives them, how they receive them, any conditions you place on them, and much more. Most people don’t often think about what might happen to their loved ones, their valuable assets, and their most precious possessions after they’re gone, and as a result estate planning is often something that’s overlooked.

However, what many people don’t realize is that they’re not the only ones who benefit from having an estate plan: all of their loved ones can benefit from it as well. Estate plans can do everything from reduce tax burdens to create trusts to express your final wishes. Here are a few ways all of your loved ones can benefit from a thorough and well-crafted estate plan.

Your Spouse

Your surviving spouse possibly stands to gain the most from a well-crafted estate plan. Estate planning documents can name your spouse as your caretaker and give them the power of attorney to make decisions on your behalf when it comes to your care and then your final wishes. Furthermore, they’ll also be responsible for handling much of your financial affairs when you pass on, including inheriting any debts you may have incurred. Creating an estate plan can minimize the impact this has on their life to make things easier when you pass on.

Your Children

Odds are you probably want to make sure any surviving children are taken care of when you pass away as well as your spouse. Careful planning can make sure your children are left with a sum of money that can put them through college, help them buy a house, start their own family, and much more. This can even apply to stepchildren and adopted children. It’s important to remember that unless you name them as beneficiaries and what assets you wish to pass on to them, you can’t expect everything to pass to them without issue.

Your Family Members

Your extended family can also benefit from these plans. If you have any special instructions or requests that impact a beloved sibling, parent, cousin, aunt, uncle, or any other individual, you can list this provision in your estate plan. Estate plans can also greatly reduce the amount conflicts or objections they may have to how your affairs are being handled, which sadly does sometimes happen with siblings who believe they should be entitled to more than they are left.

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