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Whether you are facing a court date or a personal injury claim, or your business or family needs legal help, our attorneys at Chehardy Sherman Williams have a wide breadth of legal knowledge. With nearly three decades of experience, our philosophy is to solve your complex problems with skillful imagination. Our firm is dedicated to your needs.

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Help When You Need Legal Protection

As one of the leading law firms in the Greater New Orleans area, attorneys at our firm are well-versed in a variety of practice areas. This approach allows us to see things differently, and we can help your case from a diverse array of perspectives.

Individual Attention

Chehardy Sherman Williams is dedicated to providing vigorous client representation and comprehensive legal services according to the highest professional standards. The firm approaches each case with the attention that serious clients expect from a top notch law firm.

Maintaining a personal touch throughout, the firm's attorneys provide candid and expert consultation, endeavoring to solve complex problems with skillful imagination, while ever cognizant of the client's desire to receive cost-effective legal representation. Unlike other major law firms who are inextricably tied to traditional hourly rate billing arrangements, the firm takes an open-minded approach to innovative fee arrangements, which enables clients to manage legal costs while rewarding superior legal results.

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