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Child custody is one of the most common and complex issues in the entirety of family law in New Orleans. Whether it’s unmarried parents who wish to find a solution for sharing parenting duties or divorcing parents who need to figure out a plan for how to raise their kids once they have split, the solution is rarely obvious or straightforward. That means it’s important to make sure you have qualified and reputable counsel on your side to ensure your best wishes looked after when coming up with a solution.

Chehardy Sherman Williams has substantial knowledge and experience when it comes to child custody matters and can help you find the solution you and your family are looking for. Our attorneys take a compassionate and empathetic approach to your situation in order to fully understand your needs and goals and help you achieve them through a concise and proven process. Our skilled custody attorneys know the laws and can put them to work for you in order to preserve your rights to see your kids and remain involved in their lives, no matter what kind of a turn your life can take.

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Types of Child Custody in Louisiana

There are several different ways child custody can be shared between two parents. While the courts are predisposed to try to keep both parents involved in their children’s lives to the fullest possible extent, the exact arrangement will vary from case to case.

The recognized types of child custody include:

  • Joint custody: when both parents share in parenting duties and responsibilities, including having the children live with them for a certain amount of time and being responsible for certain costs and expenses.
  • Sole custody: when the child lives with one parent the majority of the time, and that parent assumes the majority of the responsibilities. The non-custodial parent is usually limited to visitation periods, but still usually retains an obligation to support the other parent and the child financially.

Child custody arrangements are also not permanent and can often fluctuate and change both as a child grows older and as each parent’s life changes, such as getting re-married, getting a new job, or moving away. Whenever you face an issue like this, it’s crucial you seek qualified legal counsel from an experienced child custody attorney to make sure you follow all necessary processes to the fullest extent and that your rights as a parent are fought for.

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