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Jury Selection

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We normally associate jury trials with criminal defense, but the truth is juries are used throughout many different areas of law when litigation is required. It's crucial, then, that when you must face the courtroom to resolve your legal matter that you have counsel who is ready to bring an incisive and vigilant approach to jury selection.

If you are dealing with upcoming litigation, then we invite you to contact us at Chehardy Sherman Williams today. Our proven, knowledgeable team of New Orleans trial attorneys have decades of experience in a variety of different practice areas. We know what to look for in a reliable jury and how to ensure our clients' rights and interests are not undermined by the judicial process.

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The Jury Selection Process

Before a trial, the court will present legal counsel with a pool of potential jurors. In a process known as Voir Dire, attorneys will assess and interview the jurors to examine whether or not they hold any prejudices or are in some other way unfit to serve as an impartial juror.

To eliminate an individual from consideration, attorneys are given two kinds of challenges:

  • Challenges for cause are challenges based on a determination that the juror could harbor some kind of prejudice relevant to the case. The simplest example of this is learning that a juror was once the victim of a crime that the trial is now addressing in the current case. These challenges must be approved by the court.
  • Peremptory challenges are juror eliminations that can be submitted without giving a reason to the court. This is a more subtle process that allows both sides of the case to contribute to the jury makeup without restriction from the judge.

The number of these challenges allowed can depend on which court your case will be seen in. No matter what the nature of your trial is, however, our team is ready to take an exacting and insightful approach to the Voir Dire process, root out any potential prejudices, and set the stage for a just and fair examination of your case.

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