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New Orleans Social Security Claims Attorney

Attorneys Helping Disabled Workers in New Orleans

A Social Security claim is not for everyone who has an injury or impairment. Those under 50 and are able to work in some fashion are not likely to be a candidate for a Social Security Disability claim. Those over 50 are more likely to have a right to a Social Security Disability claim if they have an injury or impairment.

Helping Disabled Individuals in New Orleans

Most Social Security Disability claims are granted to those over 55 with injury or impairment. At Chehardy Sherman Williams, we review you work history and value the years that you have been on the job to help you make your best case to the federal government when seeking disability.

We consider the following issues when making you case for a Social Security Disability claim:

  • Your education
  • You responsibilities
  • Any dependents
  • Other issues that may impact your claim

Our New Orleans lawyer’s extensive history in this field helps us prepare you for what your legitimate claim may be and how the review is likely to unfold. If your case is unique, we consult the vast list of medical professionals we represent to better determine your rights. Let us help you with your case. At Chehardy Sherman Williams we have the expertise to assist you with a matter that will impact the rest of your life.

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